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Screenshot86 2On Election Night 11-6-18 our staff wore t-shirts in support of political candidates who would be in favor of impeaching the President of the United States. It was a political statement made on a political night with the excitement of exercising our right to vote to advocate change. The shirts stated '86 45', a popular statement that is used on t-shirts and bumper stickers meaning 'to remove the 45th President from office by impeachment'. It cleverly uses the common restaurant lingo ‘86’ which is cited as “American slang for getting rid of something, ejecting someone, or refusing service” by Wikipedia, Google and numerous other credible sources. We did not invent this saying, and you can find similar shirts that say '86 45' or '86 44' on and The accompanying social media post on the Amigos page clearly stated IMPEACH.

Rhode Island District 34 State Senator Elaine Morgan, then decided to recklessly misrepresent our t-shirts without ever having any communication with us whatsoever to inquire about the meaning. She then made slanderous claims via Facebook, using our photo, that we were promoting violence or murder. THIS IS A LIE. Violence or murder was never implied by anyone at our restaurant, ever. The only person to imply violence was Rhode Island District 34 State Senator Elaine Morgan and those who have since shared and built upon the momentum she created through her social media post. It has now been shared and commented upon by people across the country who have never been to our restaurant.

  • We have received hundreds of bad reviews from people who have never been to our establishment.
  • Our phone number has been called non-stop, all day, with threats and racist comments/messages.
  • Fake business pages have been created solely for the purpose of attacking our establishment.
  • Fake 'photoshopped' images are being shared to make it seem like we mentioned murder in our post and to also share our phone number with those looking to harass us further.

I am not ashamed of my political views and feel political dialogues are important. Violence or advocating violence is NEVER acceptable.  People can agree, disagree, but most importantly I believe they should listen to one another, respect each other, and commit to TRUTHFUL dialogue. Our political differences are not more important than our humanity.

I am deeply troubled that as an elected state official, Elaine Morgan, would make up a malicious story about Amigos and call for a boycott of a local business solely because I, the owner, have a different political view than herself. I apologize to everyone that was led to believe her lie and hope that this explanation clears up any misunderstanding of our intent.

We would like to thank our friends and loyal customers for standing by us during this time. We always like to stay focused on the positive and this is seen by all the new patrons that have come to show their support! Thank YOU! All are always welcome at Amigos regardless of political view and we look forward to serving you soon!